The IOM Migration Information Center seeks to provide consultations and assistance to returning Lithuanian migrants or those who are only considering a possibility to return back to Lithuania

It is quite complicated to make a decision to come back to one‘s home country after a long period of time spent living abroad. Plenty of administrative formalities have to be undertaken at the same time. Moreover, one has to get accustomed to a new political, institutional or emotional situation in the country. As people change, so has Lithuania. IOM believes that only when possessing adequate information, can people make the best decisions. 

Starting at the beginning of 2015, IOM MIC is providing consultations to all returning Lithuanian migrants or those who are, for now, only thinking of coming back. In a one-stop shop institution, returning migrants can receive information on the following topics: 

  • Work and employment in Lithuania
  • Social security
  • Education
  • Health insurance
  • Arriving family members who are not Lithuanian nationals, etc

Are you still in doubt whether it is worth contacting us? Do you think your questions are too personal to approach governmental institutions for more information? Contact the consultants of the Migration Information Center. They will evaluate your situation, provide you with informational support or will direct you to appropriate institutions or organizations. 

Migration information center will assist you by: 

Telephone: 8 800 22922 (toll-free line for calls within Lithuania) +3705 251 43 52 (calls from abroad)
Skype: Migracijos informacijos centras