The new Migration Information and Integration Centre "MICenter" is dedicated to all foreigners coming to Lithuania. It is a one-stop shop where foreigners can get legal, career guidance and psychological counselling, as well as attend various activities and simply spend time together.  


Adress: Jasinskio st. 16, II floor, Vilnius.  


Phone number: 8 800 22 922 (toll-free) 

Registration for consultations:  

Consultations on general issues related to living and integration in Lithuania

Arrived in Lithuania and have lots of questions? How do I go to the doctor, which kindergarten to take my child to, how do I register with the Employment Service? The information and consultations at the MICenter are provided on a one-stop-shop principle for migrants in English and Russian. Information can be obtained on all matters related to living in Lithuania:

•    Basic information about Lithuania. 
•    First steps upon arrival. 
•    Housing and declaration of a place of residence. 
•    Social security issues. 
•    Healthcare and mandatory health insurance. 
•    Education. 
•    Driving and exchanging a driver's license. 
•    Integration in Lithuania. 

Consultations are provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00 to 18:00. Registration:

Legal advice

Legal consultations for foreigners residing in Lithuania are offered at IOM MICenter with the aim of assisting migrants in comprehending and resolving various legal issues related to their life and integration in the country. These consultations encompass: 

  • Obtaining and renewing residence permits in Lithuania 
  • Conditions for employment in Lithuania (job contracts, employee rights, protection of violated rights) 
  • Rental agreements in Lithuania: 
  • Other Legal Matters 

 Consultations in English and Russian are provided on Mondays from 13:00 to 17:00. Registration: 


Career counselling

.IOM MICenter offers consultations on job-related issues for migrants seeking employment or seeking knowledge about the Lithuanian labor market or retraining opportunities. These consultations include: 
•    job search and navigation in the labor market. The career consultant will introduce beneficiaries to effective job search methods, present available job opportunities, and provide additional information about employment prospects in Lithuania. 
•    assistance with CV preparation will be provided during the consultations. Migrants will have the opportunity to work with a consultant to tailor their resumes to the specific needs of the labor market. 
•    preparation for job interviews and job interview simulation. Participants will receive guidance and practical tips during sessions to enhance their interview skills and increase their chances of success in the job market. 
•    information about retraining opportunities will be provided. Participants will gain insights into available programs and resources to support them in acquiring new skills and exploring alternative career paths. 
•    Any other questions related to the job search process. 
Consultations are provided on Wednesdays and Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00, in English or Russian. Registration:

Case management

The case management provided by IOM MICenter to Ukrainian citizens is aimed at helping to address their problems and achieve a decent standard of living leading to their safety, dignity and ensuing resilience. The assistance can be provided in Ukrainian and Russian. 

Case managers will be assigned for the most vulnerable persons, whose cases are complex and require coordinated support, to help them resolve the situation. Thus, this help will not be limited to a one-time consultation but will help to find a solution.  

Assistance includes comprehensive and coordinated support involving multiple services (e.g., information and counselling; legal assistance; healthcare; mental health and psychosocial support; livelihoods; documents etc.) over a certain period. It can be provided through direct services, assistance and referrals for specialized services, provision of information.   

Consultations are provided on Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00 to 17:00.  Registration by mail:

Psychological Counselling

 Free psychological counselling to migrants in Lithuania. Registration link:

Canine therapy /Dogs therapy 

At the MICenter, we host canine therapy sessions designed for children aged 6-10 facing challenges in communication, experiencing difficulty initiating contact, or spending extended periods at home. These sessions are particularly beneficial for children dealing with heightened anxiety, various fears, or other unique challenges. Meetings take place every Thursday and are conducted in Lithuanian, Russian, and English, starting at 17:00. 

Women‘s Group 

At MICenter, we invite women to join our mutual support group, fostering a journey towards a deeper connection with oneself and a sense of community with others. These empowering meetings, conducted in Russian, take place every Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM.  

Senior‘s Club 60+ 

"The Senior‘s Club 60+" is a mutual support group where seniors who have recently arrived from Ukraine come together to draw, enjoy, sculpt from clay, and engage in various activities. The group is dedicated to reducing stress, enhancing self-confidence, and improving overall mood. Sessions, facilitated by a psychologist, are conducted in a welcoming environment in MICenter with tea every Tuesday at 13:00. 

Teenager‘s Group 

Discovering oneself and building meaningful connections with others are vital life skills applicable at any age. At MICenter, we specifically focus on teenagers who have recently arrived from Ukraine, providing them with a safe space to express their emotions and cultivate new friendships under the guidance of a psychologist. These empowering sessions for youth aged 11-15 take place every Thursday from 16:00.