Human trafficking has been a hot topic in Lithuania for a while; however, methods of recruitment are changing, target groups are different, therefore other forms of combating human trafficking are becoming more important in Lithuania nowadays. The most problematic situation emerged in those areas where unemployment rates are the highest and migration is encouraged by social exclusion and hard living conditions. These areas are considered to have the biggest threat of human trafficking to happen. The project aims to address the issue of human trafficking in Lithuania by (1) a targeted information campaign (information hot-line, information package, web-site)  and (2) improving professional skills and deepening the knowledge of specialists from the social services in 15 Lithuanian municipalities to recognize vulnerable people prior to the fact of human trafficking.  

Main activities and results

Awareness-raising campaign
  • Counter-trafficking internet website
  • Preventive movie about dangers of human trafficking
  • Telephone consultations (8 700 77887 or 8 5 212 1600) 
  • Dissemination of preventive measures through municipalities, social institutions, and the media
Improving professional skills and deepening the knowledge of workers in social services 
  • Trainings for social service specialists in rural areas
  • Supervision sessions to address emerging issues and feeling of social workers working with vulnerable groups and dealing with complicated trafficking/pre-trafficking cases
  • Study visit of specialists to Moldova
  • Roundtable discussion to evaluate the results of the project, identify current problems and give future recommendations 

2013 – 2015 


More information available at 

prekybazmonemis website

The project was financed by the European Social Fund (ESF)