What is IOM?

IOM is part of the United Nations System as the leading inter-governmental organization working with partners in the international community to help meet the challenges of migration, provide expertise on migration issues, promote socio-economic development, and ensure the well-being of all migrants.

IOM has offices in more than 100 countries and around 20,000 staff worldwide.

IOM Lithuania

IOM Lithuania works with state institutions, NGOs, municipalities, and employers to ensure the smoothest possible integration of migrants into Lithuanian society, assists in the formulation of migration policies, and carries out projects aimed at helping migrants and promoting respect for their rights.

IOM Lithuania objectives

  • Helping for migrants
  • Supporting government institutions to address migration challenges
  • Managing migration crises
  • Assisting returnees to Lithuania

IOM Lithuania activities

Representing Lithuania in the European Migration Network (EMN). The network, which brings together the EMN members (all EU countries except Denmark) plus Norway, Armenia, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine, collects and shares objective and comparable information on migration issues, conducts research and organizes events on migration topics.

Consulting and informing. The Migration Information Centre provides free one-stop counseling to all foreigners coming and residing in Lithuania. Consultations are provided on issues of migration, employment, social care, education, healthcare, living, and integration in Lithuania. Centre also provides legal and career counseling. Since its launch in 2015, more than 65,000 individual consultations have been provided. 

Voluntary return assistance. IOM Lithuania helps migrants in difficult situations to return to their countries of origin. Since 2010, IOM Lithuania has assisted the return of over 700 migrants.

Studies and policy-making. IOM Lithuania publishes studies on topical migration issues (e.g., the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania, return migration of Lithuanians, labor migration), provides opportunities for Lithuanian officials to participate in international conferences, and participates in various working groups on migration issues.

Preventing human trafficking. IOM Lithuania cooperates with Lithuanian and international organizations in providing assistance, accommodation to victims of human trafficking and participate in prevention campaigns.

Help for refugees from Ukraine. IOM Lithuania has been actively aiding war refugees since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. It has provided short-term accommodation, language courses, financial support for particularly vulnerable war refugees, information on employment opportunities, a confidential and free emotional support line for Ukrainians, as well as conducted surveys, a public awareness campaign, conferences, seminars and one-to-one counselling on relevant issues.