IOM Lithuania: an emotional support line for Ukrainians has started functioning

The emotional support line for Ukrainians of International Organization for Migration (IOM) has started operating in Lithuania. The line is open from 10 to 20 daily.

"Undoubtedly, Ukrainians fleeing the war need not only financial and humanitarian,  but also emotional help. It is very important that it is provided  in the native language by professional psychologists from Ukraine", - says Eitvydas Bingelis, head of International Organization for Migration (IOM Lithuania).

From now on Ukrainians in Lithuania can call free toll number +370 800 00 474. All calls are being redirected to the psychologists in Ukraine.

Consultations are provided in Ukrainian and Russian languages. In addition, consultations are also available in English, but they are provided on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 and on weekends from 10:00  to 17:00.

In September, IOM Lithuania together with IOM Ukraine and partners organized the training for 145 mental health specialists from Ukraine, during which they were trained to provide psychological assistance to people in war conditions. The IOM survey conducted in Ukraine showed that 31 percent of internally displaced persons (IDPs) would like to receive emotional support. Therefore, during the training experts from Georgia shared good experiences in working with people affected by the war.

Currently there are more than 67 thousand war refugees from Ukraine in Lithuania.