IOM Lithuania will cover part of the rent for war refugees from Ukraine

The International Organisation for Migration Vilnius Office  (IOM Lithuania)will provide funds for war refugees from Ukraine to help cover part of their rent. "Ukrainians have been living in Lithuania for almost 2 years now, so it is natural that they are building a life in our country. However, finances are often the main challenge. That is why for the second time IOM Lithuania will provide assistance by reimbursing part of the rent. Previously, more than 200 families benefited from this assistance. Our research shows that as many as 73% of Ukrainians have difficulties finding long-term rental accommodation," says Eitvydas Bingelis, Head of IOM Lithuania.

According to a survey conducted by IOM Lithuania in spring 2023, the majority of Ukrainians - 62% - rent on the open market. Compared to 2022, this figure has increased by 11% - 51% of Ukrainians rented then. Around 12% of Ukrainians did not pay rent because they were hosted by Lithuanian families. Another 10% stayed with friends or relatives. Almost half of the respondents (44%) reported that they managed to find accommodation on their own, but that it is not easy to secure long-term rentals.

IOM Lithuania will for the second time provide lump sum payments to war refugees from Ukraine who arrived in Lithuania after 24 February 2022 to partially cover the first and last month of rent. Parents with one or more children, families with three or more children, pregnant women, people over 60 years of age, families with disabled persons are invited to apply. It is also important that they have a residence permit or a card issued by the Migration Department and a lease agreement signed or renewed no earlier than 1 October 2023 for a minimum period of 6 months.  The lease agreement must be registered with the Registry Centre. "As an organisation, we aim to help the most vulnerable groups, people who find it particularly difficult to cope with the challenges they face, so we have additional criteria to make sure that the help goes to those who need it the most", says Bingelis. IOM Lithuania will cover 70% of the 2-month rental price specified in the rental contract, up to a maximum of €475 per month (€950 total).

Registration link:  Rental Assistance provided by IOM Lithuania (2024) / Допомога на оренду, що надається IOM Литви (2024)

Since the beginning of the large-scale war in Ukraine, nearly 83,000 Ukrainian war refugees have arrived in Lithuania. Over the past year, IOM Lithuania has assisted almost 16,000 war refugees with various assistance measures.