Ola Henrikson: The issue of Ukraine has become one of the most important items on the agenda

Ola Henrikson, Director of the Regional Office of  International Organization for Migration (IOM), together with the head of  International Organization for Migration Vilnius office (IOM Lithuania) Eitvydas Bingelis met with the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Arnoldas Abramavičius, the Deputy Minister of Social Security and Labor Vytautas Šilinskas and Andrius Krivius, head of the Department for the United Nations, International Organizations and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the meeting, the main focus was on the war in Ukraine and migration policy.

"Helping Ukraine, which is suffering from the war, is currently a regional priority. Active cooperation, focus and joint initiatives are a necessity that currently fills the IOM agenda,"- said O. Henrikson.

During the meetings with the representatives of the Lithuanian institutions O. Henrikson noted that in order to ease the burden on the countries receiving Ukrainian refugees, they are looking for opportunities for the financial support. In addition, he emphasized the importance of cooperation between governmental institutions, municipalities, international and non-governmental organizations.

From the first day of the war, Lithuania promptly organized help for the Ukrainians - 7 registration centers were opened with the help of non-governmental organizations and volunteers. IOM Lithuania provided financial support to the hardest hit and together with the Airbnb platform takes care of temporary accommodation for war refugees. In addition to this, an emotional support line providing help in Ukrainian is operating, cooperation with Vytautas Magnus University was started, an educational conference was organized and DTM (displacement tracking matrix) research report is being prepared.