Lithuania ranks 4th in the European Union in terms of the percentage of war refugees from Ukraine in its total population. Statistics on Ukrainians arriving in Lithuania can be found here

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, IOM Lithuania has been carrying out various activities to help Ukrainian war refugees.  Our aim is to reach the most vulnerable and respond to their needs. By conducting a survey of Ukrainian war refugees in Lithuania, we have learned about their needs and problems and identified activities to help them settle in Lithuania. Our activities include:  

  • Consultations, seminars, conferences and information dissemination;
  • English language courses;
  • Cooperation with Vytautas Magnus University researchers analysing the status and challenges in the education community in order to help teachers acquire the necessary skills to work with foreigners;
  • Publicity campaigns;
  • Analyses of recruitment opportunities and conducting surveys of Ukrainians; 
  • Provision of temporary accommodation; 
  • Provision of psychological support to Ukrainians;
  • Providing cash assistance to cover multipurpose needs;
  • Assisting the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in setting up mass accommodation facilities for newly arriving Ukrainians.  

These activities will continue in 2023 for as long as IOM Lithuania's assistance is needed. 

Emotional support line

IOM Lithuania operates an emotional support line for Ukrainians. The line is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day: Ukrainians in Lithuania can call +370 800 00 474 free of charge. Counselling is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

Consultations in English are also available on weekdays from 9.00 a.m. - to 6.00 p.m. and on weekends from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. 

IOM Lithuania and its partners organised training for 145 Ukrainian psychologists on how to provide psychological support in wartime conditions to people in Ukraine directly threatened by war.  

English language courses

IOM Lithuania organises free English language courses for Ukrainian staying in Lithuania. In total more than 500 applications were received. Currently 120 war refugees are receiving free language training.  Courses for both beginners and advanced students last two months. Information on the language courses to be organised in 2023 will be announced in early 2023. 

Cash interventions

IOM Lithuania provides one-off payments to Ukrainians fleeing the war to cover basic needs. The allowance amounts to €157 per person, with an additional €78.5 for each family member. Special attention is paid to single-parent families, where one parent has arrived with one or more children, pregnant women, persons aged 60-65 who have reached retirement age in Ukraine and who do not have or are unable to get a job in Lithuania, and victims of human trafficking.

Ukrainian citizens who would like to receive cash benefits can contact the IOM Lithuania office: +370642 95110 and by e-mail:

Short-term accommodation

We informed, that temporary accommodation on Airbnb is currently suspended. A total of almost 2600 safe nights were provided to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the horrors of war during the IOM Airbnb programme. Eligible persons were given the opportunity to stay in apartments free of charge for between 7 and 30 days in all Lithuanian cities while they looked for a long-term place to stay. If the programme is renewed, we will inform you. Stay tuned.

IOM Lithuania, together with the accommodation platform Airbnb, offers short-term accommodation for Ukrainians fleeing the war. Ukrainians looking for permanent accommodation can stay in an Airbnb apartment for between 7 and 30 days, during which time they can search for a long-term place to live. This service is free of charge.

Short-term accommodation is available for:   

  • A Ukrainian or third-country national from Ukraine with an identity document; 
  • A citizen of Ukraine or a third country national who has fled Ukraine on or after 24 February 2022. 

Specific criteria   
People who are currently homeless or at risk of imminent homelessness and in need of temporary accommodation. Priority given to: 

  • People of retirement age in Ukraine (60 years and older);
  • Single pregnant women;
  • Families with carrers or people with disabilities;
  • Victims of trafficking in human beings who need temporary accommodation as part of assistance or protection. 

Ukrainian citizens who do not have a long-term residence can contact organisation Strong Together at 1808 or directly IOM Lithuania office at +37061516930 and by e-mail

Educational activities

In order to help children from Ukraine to settle in Lithuanian schools and Lithuanian teachers to gain experience in working with a larger number of foreigners in schools, IOM Lithuania actively cooperates with Vytautas Magnus University in the field of education: organising conferences, conducting research to find out the needs and expectations of the Lithuanian education community and Ukrainians, and organising seminars and workshops for teachers. 
On 28 September 2022 IOM Lithuania organised a conference for education community Inclusive School - How to manage cultural shock. A recording of the conference in Lithuanian is available here and in English here 

On 8 December 2022 a seminar for teachers Migration Challenges for the Lithuanian School. A Case Study of Ukraine, moderated by Professor of Social Sciences PhD. Giedrė Kvieskienė (Vytautas Magnus University), was organised. The seminar presented the challenges faced by the Lithuanian general education system in welcoming Ukrainian refugee children and gave practical advice to teachers on how to better involve Ukrainian children in the learning process. A recording of the seminar is available here 

In the seminar Towards Safe, Caring, and Connected Schools, organised on 16 December 2022, PhD. Snežana Obradović-Ratković from Brock University (Ontario, Canada) discussed strategies and best practices to help teachers and schools successfully integrate refugee students. A recording of the seminar in Lithuanian is available here and in English here 

On 20  December 2022  Anne Maisvee, Integration Assistance Coordinator at IOM Estonia, held a seminar IOM Estonia integrational assistance: activities within the Ukrainian response project. The seminar presented strategies and methods for promoting the inclusion of Ukrainian pupils in Estonian schools and strengthening teachers' competences. A recording of the seminar in Lithuanian is available here  and in English here 

Setting up mass accommodation facilities

IOM Lithuania assists the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in preparation to receive a larger number of refugees from Ukraine as winter approaches. Household appliances and bedding have been bought for seven new mass accommodation centres.

Seminars, dissemination of information and counselling

In order to respond to the needs of Ukrainians, IOM Lithuania organises remote seminars for them and, together with representatives of Lithuanian institutions, answers the most important questions related to social services, health care services, as well as employment in Lithuania. In 2022, the seminars were attended by 130 participants and received more than 1,000 views. The material from the seminars is being disseminated on Ukrainian social network groups to reach a wider range of interested war refugees.

IOM Lithuania also advises Ukrainians on general migration issues by phone, email and on social networks. Counselling is available by phone at 8 800 22922 (toll-free line in Lithuania) and +370 52 51 43 52 (when calling from abroad), on the internet ( and by e-mail (

Health care services for Ukrainians

On 8 September 2022 IOM Lithuania organised a remote seminar Health Care Services for Ukrainians, attended by representatives of the National Health Insurance Fund, Antakalnis Outpatient Clinic and Vilnius Mental Health Centre. During the seminar, the speakers shared information on what health care services are available to war refugees in Lithuania, who is covered by compulsory health insurance, what services are guaranteed by this insurance, how patients are registered in medical institutions, and where to address for psychological help. A recording of the seminar is available here

Answers to the most frequently asked questions during the seminar are available here 

The procedure for accessing healthcare services in Ukrainian can be found here 

Social guarantees and benefits for Ukrainians

During the seminar Social Guarantees and Benefits for Ukrainians, organised on 27 September 2022, the Chancellor of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania and specialists from the State Social Insurance Fund Sodra presented information and answered urgent questions concerning various benefits, compensations and state social assistance for Ukrainians. A recording of the seminar is available here 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions during the seminar are available here 

Employment of Ukrainians in Lithuania: procedure and advice

During the seminar about employment in Lithuania which was organised by the Vilnius Office of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and VšĮ SOPA on 27 January 2023, war refugees from Ukraine were advised by professional employment consultants who gave advice on how to prepare a proper CV, what is important to know when signing an employment contract, how to create a job for yourself with a certificate of individual activity or a business certificate. 

You can watch a recording of the seminar here

Answers to the most frequently asked questions during the seminar can be found here 

More information is here


During the seminar Employment of Ukrainians in Lithuania: Procedure and Advice, organised on 27 October 2022, representatives of the Employment Service, the Centre for Quality Assessment of Studies and the State Labour Inspectorate shared information on the services offered by the state authorities to help employ Ukrainians, the cases where recognition of qualifications is needed, rights of employees and the authorities in charge of protection of the employee rights, and how to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking. A recording of the seminar is available here 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions during the seminar are available here  

Displacement needs survey (DTM)

IOM Lithuania conducted a survey on the intentions and needs of Ukrainian war refugees in Lithuania in September and October 2022. More than 600 Ukrainians were interviewed and the main directions of their arrival in Lithuania were identified, as well as the main problems and challenges, and further intentions. Based on this research, organisations and institutions assisting Ukrainian war refugees can better coordinate their actions and adjust their assistance mechanisms. The study is planned to be continued in 2023 in order to track possible changes in trends. A link to the findings of the study can be found here.